Choosing a family dentist is ideal for your entire household, and you will enjoy several benefits when you schedule your dental appointments with Queen Street Dentistry. A family dentist will provide you with quality and convenience and do everything possible to give every family member a beautiful and healthy smile. 

Importance of Choosing a Family Dentist


Flexibility is necessary for busy households because caring for your family is challenging. When it comes to dental health, you need to be able to schedule appointments for every member of your household easily, and a family dentist will make this process very simple. They understand that every person in your family has a different schedule and will eliminate the challenge of running around to different clinics at different times. 

A family dentist can schedule appointments on the same day to prevent multiple trips, making it easy for everyone in your family to attend their dental checkups and cleanings. Family dentists also tend to offer flexible hours, including weeknights and weekends, to accommodate the schedules of every client. Just one phone call will allow you to schedule several appointments, and you’ll never have to stress about the hassle of having separate appointments at different locations. 

You have enough and can schedule appointments for your entire household with just one phone call, regardless of different ages and dental needs. 

Centralized Care

Family dentists offer a variety of services to treat patients of all ages. Every person has different dental needs and concerns, and a family dentist can provide patients with the care they need and deserve. There is no need to drive around to specialty clinics to receive the care you require, and your family dentist can complete every service, from general checkups and cleanings to more complex treatments like tooth extractions and dental implants. You and your family can use a single clinic for all your dental needs!

Do you need more than just a cleaning? A family dentist will discuss your dental goals and provide you with professional recommendations regarding the services that would be best for your smile. They may discuss cosmetic dentistry, veneers, wisdom teeth extraction, or anything else they think benefits your smile. 

If you suffer from severe anxiety or fear, a family dentist may also discuss oral sedation to ensure you receive the care you need. This safe solution would allow anxious patients to receive the proper dental care easily. 


Establishing a relationship with a family dentist is very important because you will feel comfortable attending every one of your dental appointments. Your family members will also feel the same way and will not put up a fight because they will feel comfortable with their dentist, and their appointments will feel more relaxed. 

Pediatric Services 

A family dentist knows how to care for patients of all ages, meaning children, teenagers, adults, and seniors can attend the same dental clinic. A reputable family dentist will offer pediatric care, and the clinic will accept patients of all ages. They will know how to interact with kids and understand that it is hard for many young patients to visit the dentist. Family dentists know that many people feel scared of the dentist and use special techniques to comfort children during their appointments.

A family dental clinic has a warm and inviting atmosphere because they want every patient to feel comfortable. They will do everything they can to ensure your appointments are stress-free. They will discuss your fears and concerns and provide specialized care accordingly. Children, in particular, often feel scared or nervous when they hear about the dentist. Still, a family dentist will eliminate these fears and make the process as enjoyable as possible for their younger patients.

Dental Insurance 

Most family dentists accept dental insurance and provide affordable dental care. They will discuss payment and coverage and go over the details of your plan to inform you of the amount covered and the portion you must pay out-of-pocket if that applies. They will accept dental insurance for your entire family and even send you reminders regarding dental cleanings and checkups according to your insurance plan. They will follow up with claims and make sure you receive reimbursement. 

Emergency care 

Dental emergencies can happen at any time, and you will need to get to a dentist fast! Family dentists understand the urgency of these situations and will schedule an appointment quickly. Depending on the severity of the situation and the extent of the damage, they will provide you with immediate help or refer you to a specialist. 

Your Trusted Family Dental Clinic In St. Marys

Are you looking for a reputable and reliable dentist near you? Queen Street Dentistry accepts patients of all ages. We welcome you and your family to visit our family dentistry clinic in St. Marys, Ontario. Our family dentistry will provide you with all the dental services you need, and our experienced and friendly dentist will ensure you are comfortable during your appointments. 

Our family dentistry practice prioritizes your dental health and a bright, beautiful smile. Located in St. Marys, we are committed to offering exceptional and convenient care for routine cleanings and comprehensive treatment.

When you choose us as your dental home, you and your whole family will experience the benefits of our care. We will work hard to accommodate everyone’s needs and do our best to help each person achieve and maintain optimal oral health.

Our dedicated team prides itself on building caring relationships with patients of all ages. With us, you can feel confident knowing that your teeth and gums are in good hands. We aim to make each visit as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Contact us today to schedule your initial examination. Through our personalized approach, we will partner with you on your journey toward a lifetime of healthy, radiant smiles.

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